The boot camp has established itself as a leader in providing programming to the general juvenile offender and has specialized tracks that serves up to 20 residents needing substance abuse treatment and 14 residents placed for sexual offense treatment.

Even though the program is built around a military model, less than 10% of a cadet’s schedule is military oriented.  The daily schedule is full of educational, therapeutic and socio-educational opportunities as described in the facility brochure.  However, discipline and physical fitness play an important role in our program.  It is our belief that a disciplined structure helps our cadets begin a process of trust, compliance with societal norms and dependence on adults as well as other cadets for a successful stay at our facility.

The Sherman Independent School District (SISD) provides five certified teachers to the boot camp school.  Our class size ratio is 1:10 and includes special education services provided by the teaching staff, counselor and educational diagnostician.  Ryan Harper, Principal of Perrin Learning Center, leads his staff in finding ways for our residents to have academic success. Each recruit is pre- and post-tested to measure academic performance utilizing the STAR diagnostic instrument.  Parents are encouraged to meet with the Sherman ISD teaching staff to discuss their child’s education, make plans for return to a home school district or evaluate future educational options.

The post-adjudication facility is staffed by a Deputy Director,  senior case manager, four case managers, four shift sergeants and 22 drill instructors.  All supervising staff is certified by the Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD).  Our case management staff ratio is 1:12.  Probation Officers as well as parents are encouraged to visit with the child’s case manager concerning all aspects of a resident’s stay.

General and specific programming protocols are found in the Cadet Handbook, Parent Handbook and brochure.  Specialized programming for sex offenders and substance abuse protocols are also valuable information to be reviewed by probation officers, treatment providers and parents.  The TJPC has approved the specialized treatment protocols of the post-adjudication program for specialized funding.

Case planning for a successful exit begins on entry into the facility.  Probation officers, parents, teachers and case managers follow a monthly schedule of case planning to assure re-entry is successful.