The Juvenile Board of Grayson County’s policy for admission is as follows:

The Grayson County Department of Juvenile Services only accepts children from contract counties throughout the State of Texas.  The Department will not accept private pay or parent referred children into the program.  Acceptance and discharge of each resident is at the discretion of the Director of Juvenile Services, Grayson County, Texas or designated facility administrator and pursuit to the contract terms.


In order for the juvenile to be approved for admission status the contracting county will need to submit the interagency application for placement (IAP) and a psychological /mental health evaluation that has been completed within one year to the department for review.

A facility case manager will be assigned to the contracting county in order to facilitate the intake process including the date and time of admission.  An intake packet is available on the Boot Camp website or can be provided by the case manager coordinating the intake.  Contracting county that will be admitting a juvenile into the specialized program may need to provide additional forms, please review all forms in the intake packet.

It is recommended that required forms are submitted in advance, in order to avoid delays at intake.  It is important to remember that the following documents are date sensitive; dental, physical, TB and psychological/mental health exams.  Our department will be available to arrange parts or all of these services with our local contract providers. Please contact the assigned case manager to arrange these services.

On intake day the contracting counties paperwork will be cross-referenced with the department’s intake checklist in accordance with TJJD 343 standards. The juvenile will then meet with our medical staff, residents case manager and assigned intake officer who will conduct the orientation process. The orientation process will include, but is not limited to the following procedures; youth rights, medical and mental health care, telephone and mail,  program goals, safety procedures, recreation activities, religious activities, grievance procedure , housing assignment, program rules and consequences and  ANE/PREA information. A resident will be informed that an orientation handbook, outlining the above procedures, is accessible during free time for the juvenile to review.  The assigned case manager and medical staff will address any medical/medication needs and the case manager will arrange for the juvenile to call his legal guardian. All new residents will participate in a physical training test on the day of intake to establish a physical fitness baseline.  After the physical training test, the juvenile will be admitted into the company. A resident/parent handbook and introduction letter will be mailed to the legal guardian outlining items covered in the orientation process.  The assigned case manager will call the parent/legal guardian within two business days for introductions and to answer questions regarding the program.  This will complete the admission procedure.