The Cooke, Fannin and Grayson County Juvenile Boot Camp submitted a response to the Texas Juvenile Probation Commission (TJPC) in a competitive grant on March 1996.  The facility was awarded $1,500,000 which was matched by a donation from the Oliver Dewey Mayor and Smith Foundations as well as Cooke and Fannin County Commissioner Courts.    The grant proposal was one of over 30 applications.  It was awarded as the #1 small county regional project and was ranked #2 overall the State proposals.  The facility opened January 24, 1998.

The facility has 61 available beds, five classrooms, gym, 4+ acres of outdoor recreation area, board, training, counseling areas and chow hall.


The post-adjudication facility serves males, ages 12 – 17 years old.  The boys, known as recruits, cadets and senior cadets, are sent by the juvenile courts from their respective counties.  Offenses that the recruits commit requiring placement within the facility include:  assaults, property crimes, drug offenses, sexual offenses and continued violation of probation.  The length of stay varies as to offense, the recruits’ amenability to the treatment, the program phases of the facility and; when required, the treatment teams recommendations.  The recruits within the facility currently represent 24 Texas County juvenile courts.  The boot camp is contracted with over 50 counties and this number continues to expand.