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How Does Our Garden Grow?

How does our garden grow?  Our gardeners and “culinary arts specialists” have prepared a salad for the Cadets and Staff from our garden!  In the background, tiles are being painted to show off at the 2013 Summer Extravaganza.

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2013 Summer Theme: PERSEVERANCE

Summer is moving along.  Summer school, play practice, restoring desks, couches and chairs, welding and ongoing preparations for the Extravaganza!  Keep watch and see our progress on each of these as well as the LARGEST PUMPKIN in the history of Boot Camp!

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Great Days of Service 2013

  Great Days of Service is a cooperative effort among churches, businesses, service organizations, and community volunteers. Every year since 1996, volunteers from our community and partner churches have worked side by side to help their neighbors. Civic organizations and businesses in our community support this effort both financially and by supplying volunteer workers. It’s […]


Parent Action Court (PAC) Assistance and Enforcement Operating under the auspice of the Texas Family Code, section 61.057 “Punishment for Contempt”, the Juvenile Board of Grayson County has directed the Department of Juvenile Services to increase the accountability of parent(s)/guardian(s) of juveniles on court ordered probation by driving for higher standards of accountability concerning the […]